Hello & Welcome

I'm Scott Chaffee and since 2006 I've been in film production creating high quality cinematic videos for Entrepreneurs and Artists with my Canon C300


Technical Directing multi-cam events is where I get to wear all my hats and and produce a high quality event or video product, Im managing all the technology in the room: operating video switchers, supervising audio quality, directing camera operators, rigging and adjusting lights, set dressing and data managing.


Director of Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember, I love the concept of video and photo that a beautiful image can create an impact and inspire. I'm not limited to what I enjoy filming, I've filmed everything from Live Events / Music Videos / Weddings / Commercials / Short Films / Documentaries with My Canon C300 and my T5i with a little help from my GoPro


Production Assisting, I really enjoy being able to help the production and get hands on experience in other departments to keep all my skills on set well rounded. 

And Editing, It was what first made me love film production back in 2006 and it evolved into my love of filming and editing and everything in between that I do now. I find editing to be very creative and the most exciting part about filming in my opinion is watching it all come together like magic in the editing room.

So what do you get when you hire me,

You get hard-working, efficient, creative thinker, adaptable, leadership skills, positive energy and knowledgable in most production aspects

Cameras: I own a Canon C300 and have worked with dozens of different camera

Have a live event coming up? I do live event filming and technical directing mostly in the southwest region but I am willing to travel.

Need your project edited? Everything on my site has been edited by me.

I look forward to working with you and seeing what we can create together.