Kolby Type A index

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Myers Briggs : ISFP

soft-spoken idealists who are intensely in tune with the world around them, with deep aesthetic appreciation and a strong understanding of the visuals, shapes, and sounds that affect the human heart. Have an extremely well-developed sense of what they like and don't like (indeed, they often have a uniqueness of taste that others tend to envy). For this reason it is especially important for the ISFP that they have the freedom to shape their personal environment as they see fit. ISFPs should not be made to conform to some standardized solution or routine.

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Big Five Factor Markers

Factor I is sometimes given other names, such as Surgency or Positive Emotionality.

Factor II Emotional Stability often referred to by other names, such as Neruoticism or Negative Emotionality

Factor III Agreeableness. A person high in agreeableness is friendly and optimistic. Low scorers are critical and aggressive

Factor IV Conscientiousness. Individuals who score high on this factor are careful and diligent. Low scorers are impulsive and disorganized.

Factor V Intellect/Imagination. This factor is also often called Openness to Experience, People who score low tend to be traditional and conventional

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Tony Robbins DISC

You score like those who like to make sure they do things correctly the first time.

You score like those who prefer clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

You have a talent for asking the right questions in order to get into the details of an issue.

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